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Pinq Inc. Expands to the UK, Amplifying Influence Across the Atlantic

We're thrilled to share that Pinq is spreading its wings beyond the shores of the United States to the the United Kingdom!

A Decade of Success: Pinq Inc. Celebrates 10 Years of Influence

We're celebrating 10th anniversary with a major milestone: the expansion of our operations to the UK. Since our inception, Pinq Inc. has been at the forefront of digital marketing, catering to an array of industries with unparalleled creativity and effectiveness. From our humble beginnings of being a one woman show with our founder trailblazing founder Brittany, to owning a successful co-working space in Virginia to currently having an office in Miami and our bustling main headquarters in Atlanta, our journey has been one of constant evolution and innovation. Now, as we mark our 10th year, we're thrilled to embark on a new chapter of growth and global impact.

Pinq Inc. Goes International: A Transatlantic Leap

With offices already established in Miami and Atlanta, the decision to expand to the UK was a natural progression for Pinq Inc. Our expertise in digital marketing spans a multitude of industries, including fashion, beauty, and wellness. By venturing into the UK market, we aim to bring our proven strategies and unparalleled creativity to an entirely new audience. Our expansion to London not only signifies our commitment to global growth but also represents a strategic move to better serve our clients across the Atlantic.

Elevating Brands: Pinq Inc.'s Influence Knows No Bounds

The expansion to London is not just about opening doors to new opportunities; it's about strengthening our partnerships and amplifying the success of our clients. Fashion, beauty, and wellness brands in the US will now have access to an even broader network of influencers and digital marketing expertise, thanks to our presence in the UK. Whether it's crafting compelling campaigns or forging meaningful connections with influencers, Pinq Inc. is dedicated to propelling brands to new heights of visibility and success, both domestically and internationally.

Join Us on this Journey

As we embark on this exciting journey across the pond, we invite you to join us in celebrating a decade of innovation and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Whether you're a fashion maven, a beauty guru, or a wellness enthusiast, Pinq Inc. is here to elevate your brand and help you leave a lasting impression in the digital sphere.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine the landscape of digital marketing, one groundbreaking campaign at a time. The future is bright, and at Pinq Inc., the best is yet to come!


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