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Meet Brittany

Owner of Pinq Inc., award winning Business Coach & Digital Marketing Expert, author and speaker

"Women CEOs illuminate paths to success, proving that glass ceilings are meant to be shattered, not just broken."

Coach Brittany 

Brittany Freeman is a world renowned business coach, digital marketing expert and international speaker. As a business coach and owner of Pinq Inc, Brittany has worked with clients such as Walt Disney, Harvard University, Hilton Hotels, Wellsfargo and Microsoft to name a few. Some of Brittany’s highest achievements as a business owner include being selected by Forbes Magazine as a top professional coach for the Forbes Coaches Council, opening a 4,000 sqft co-working space and business incubator for women and becoming a TEDx speaker. Brittany’s digital marketing agency currently has offices in Atlanta and Brickell Miami.

Brittany’s agency Pinq Inc, specializes in working with women centric brands, international hotel franchises and wellness and beauty brands for social media marketing and influencer marketing, international marketing campaigns and business development. She has worked with clients nationally and internationally to include South Africa, the U.K, Singapore, France, India and more. Brittany's career and success story as a serial entrepreneur and business coach has been featured on major media outlets such as Essence Magazine, Forbes, MTV, CBS and OWN to name a few.

Brittany was honored with a proclamation from the Governor of Virginia for “National Life Coaches week”, to honor her work in the industry of coaching. Brittany is the first person to receive this honor within the industry of Life Coaching nationally. Mrs. Freeman additionally developed and facilitated a 6-week certificate program for aspiring coaches in 2016 and debuted the program at the collegiate level in 2020 and currently licenses this program to various universities for undergraduate students.

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