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Pinq University is a self-paced program that provides business development classes and curriculum for female founders and aspiring CEOs. This university is the first of its kind and all tuition fees  are covered for enrolled students.



Pinq University

Pinq Inc. is funding the next generation of women CEOs with the Pinq University program. This business development program is the first of its kind, as it provides future and current CEOs with full access to business development curriculum, templates, resources and an in-person graduation ceremony at the end of the academic school year.  Each semester, enrolled students will have access to a new curriculum and receive a certificate of completion leading up to the graduation from the program.

As part of the #100kCEOs initiative, Pinq Inc. will cover 100% of the tuition fees and cost to attend Pinq University for the class of 2023. Our goal is to fund the next generation of women business owners and leaders, by enrolling 100,000 women and providing them with the tools and resources needed to catapult their businesses.

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Pinq Inc. is funding the next generation of women entrepreneurs with the 

#100kCEOs initiative

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Program Includes:

  • 6-8 hours of self paced classes and trainings each semester

  • Multiple guides, ebooks, and downloadable templates 

  • Certificates of completion every semester

  • Access to sponsored specialty classes and events

  • Gain access to our private community for students and instructors 

  • Virtual graduation for students

  • Access to specialty classes facilitated by Pinq University instructors 

  • New curriculum shared each semester 

Who is this program for?

Pinq University is for women in business who need a proven roadmap on how to start, elevate and maintain their empire.

This 4 semester program is completely self-paced and will give you access to classes, training and resources valued at over $10k for free for enrolled students.

Pinq Inc. initiative to fund 100,000 students into Pinq University will give students access to a massive community of like minded women in business. 


Class Semester outline


Fall semester- "Building your Business Foundation" (Target audience, branding, Funding


Winter Semester- "Generating Revenue" (Marketing, Funnels, automation)


Spring Semester- "Scaling Your Business" (Industry leadership, speaking, graduation) 


How to apply to Pinq University



Complete the Pinq University application





Receive Pinq University welcome letter within 24 hours

Schedule a meeting with a University admission representative to discuss the program

Gain immediate access to all classes, templates, guides and resources for the current semester

  • Is Pinq University free?
    Yes. Pinq Inc. will cover 100% of the cost to enroll and attend Pinq University?
  • How long is the program?
    Pinq University is a 4 semester program from September to May.
  • Can I enroll in the program now?
    Yes. Pinq University is a self-paced program and allows you to gain access immediately after acceptance to all of the course curriculum regardless of when you enroll.
  • How do I qualify for enrollment into Pinq University?
    This program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and current CEOs in need of professional development to launch, grow and maintain their business.
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