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A leading business development agency for women centric brands, franchises and corporations.

Throughout the last 8 years, Pinq Inc. has provided thousands of businesses with coaching, consulting, marketing services, social media management, online classes and more. Our goal is to provide our customers with high level services and resources to elevate their business nationally and internationally.

Our Services

We provide full service business development services exclusively for women centric businesses. Our services range from done-for-you marketing and social media management services to individual coaching and consulting for small businesses and corporations. 

Our marketing services range from digital billboard placements in all 50 states, to influencer marketing for businesses in need of reviews, activations and to build brand awareness.

Social media ads on Facebook and Instagram help our clients to increase more web traffic, sales and visibility during a marketing campaign. We offer various strategies to maximize client results.

One of our most popular services is social media management. The right Facebook or Instagram management service can attract, nurture and convert followers into loyal customers. 

Individual coaching and consulting services are provided for service based business, coaches, franchises and corporations only at this time. For 1-on-1 services with Coach Brittany please review the application below.

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Pinq Blog

Need business insight to move your brand forward? Our blog features monthly topics from our "Pinq University" class instructors on various subject matters specific to the needs of entrepreneurs. 

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Looking for business development classes?

Check out our upcoming list of live masterclasses, courses and resources at Pinq University. 

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